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25 August 2021 5 Golden Meadow (maybe related to my golden mushroom dream from last night)0 views today
25 August 2021 1 American Airlines mid-air explosion, he took the phone to the bathroom, New York, Tel Aviv numbers, seat 4B...0 views today
25 August 2021 2 Upcoming Amtrack train accident...0 views today
24 August 2021 5 Monday, August 30th, news 7 alerts, not sure who he is...0 views today
24 August 2021 2 Actor dies in 6 days, numbers and letters...0 views today
24 August 2021 4 What country? numbers in order again, cross off the bad numbers? Woolworths (this was a store like Kmart, that also closed...from my childhood DD I think)0 views today
24 August 2021 1 Seth Shostak - world does not believe until the time is missed - new fq - ?2 views today
24 August 2021 3 California and Japan shake next week, this is related to the December 24th earthquakes...0 views today
23 August 2021 1 Medellin Colombia - the devil has arrived - pure evil will plague this town for the next 429 days...2 views today
23 August 2021 2 You're about to dream about this tornado, this is a sign that you're going to be rich very soon? trust no fear - letters...0 views today
23 August 2021 3 Christopher Rutkowski - Canada UFO sightings in September are real - numbers...0 views today
22 August 2021 5 The murder of Tammy Zywicki is not what they think, they are looking for a male, this is her and she also killed a Lynn Schuller ? she lives in this trailer of wrightbrothers blvd in cedar r? numbers...0 views today
22 August 2021 3 This is from Edgar Cayce, GO THERE, Brian spirits do exist and can tell, tell Gale and Chip - ? Amy Bruni is correct and can prevent death? numbers - bible stuff I think...0 views today
22 August 2021 4 Can see the smoke, grease vent? roof - east - numbers - hollenbeck palms...0 views today
22 August 2021 1 Amber Alert, he did this, she took the baby here, numbers...0 views today
22 August 2021 2 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown 39 hours after a massive earthquake, number...0 views today
20 August 2021 4 Popeyes shooting was planned in March of 2021, not just payback - numbers...0 views today
20 August 2021 5 The Nation of Islam and Star Chamber Academy is responsible for the upcoming church fires, this one man is trying to start a race war....0 views today
20 August 2021 3 An unexpected solar flare is about ready to cause all kinds of issues for the northern east part of the world? numbers and names...0 views today
20 August 2021 1 Look for these numbers in upcoming lotteries...all of them I think...0 views today
20 August 2021 2 Turning off dark screen mode on your phone and PC will make you 5% happier?0 views today
21 August 2021 8 Monday, August 23rd, 2021, some sort of CNN breaking news event - numbers...0 views today
21 August 2021 7 US Air Force crash in Afghanistan - numbers...0 views today
21 August 2021 10 Chip Coffey - he is not telling you what really happened - IRS - possession caused his heart attack, not the blood pressure medicine - 3147257802...0 views today
21 August 2021 9 Bishop James Long - live possession is real - Jesus heals - James dream was real, the demons will kill him - December 25th, 2021...0 views today
21 August 2021 1 August 25th, help...0 views today
21 August 2021 2 Tears, Gateway Church, Southlake Texas...0 views today
21 August 2021 6 99942 Apophis impact near Hawaii - wave circles the earth 20 times...0 views today
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