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21 August 2021 5 Tesla bot, secret production facility burns to the ground it was not Jim, numbers...0 views today
21 August 2021 3 Not sure what this is...11 views today
21 August 2021 4 Amtrack train number 2169 derails killing all aboard....0 views today
19 August 2021 1 Throw or give away one personal possession a day for life - end with nothing but love...0 views today
19 August 2021 2 the captive state is real...0 views today
19 August 2021 6 Amy Bruni - get out - danger - Amy your dream is a connection to Jim, belief, your need to believe, marks being the wall are from his fingernails? he knows her secret - remember the Mine Shaft on the way to Folsom? go there - basement? m5 views today
19 August 2021 10 1.1 north 127.1 tsunami starts here (another earthquake-related dream)0 views today
19 August 2021 5 Jane Milota missing woman found - she did not write it down? CPH CLE CLE airport? white trailer - numbers - balloons...0 views today
19 August 2021 3 Something to do with circles on August 27th...0 views today
19 August 2021 4 Not arson is was? fire 3862282323 16 der hotel? pure evil - dates...0 views today
19 August 2021 9 Something about Puerto Rico next month...1 views today
19 August 2021 8 USA Splits 35 North 95 West - had three earthquake dreams last night, this event will start next week and last for some time, the area is in Oklahoma ...1 views today
19 August 2021 7 Quake Texas 2026 2995 (this is dream number three from last night related to upcoming earthquakes, the other DD is in Oklahoma)0 views today
18 August 2021 2 Upcoming train derailment, it was not speeding, lies, it was the same man who uses this break apart derailer, numbers, water, church...5 views today
18 August 2021 3 This is about the upcoming earthquake and Tsunami. the maximum wave height for The Bay of Plenty is 14 meters, the maximum wave height for the east coast of Australia is 6 meters, there will be another quake swarm near the sandwich island0 views today
18 August 2021 1 Tyrrhenian sea earthquake and Tsunami, keep seeing Italy, keep seeing Italy...0 views today
17 August 2021 1 Broadmoor Baptist Church, colony, get out now...0 views today
17 August 2021 2 OYO and a bunch of numbers, maybe lottery numbers...2 views today
17 August 2021 3 Isabell is going to run away with Matthew, this is his plate number, Emily is with him (upcoming missing person case, not sure when yet)0 views today
17 August 2021 5 Seeds cure life fake problems, slows the aging process, and reverse diseases. Hebrews 9:19 - grow according to God's plan of life? 0 views today
17 August 2021 6 Building burns...0 views today
17 August 2021 4 In the sky - alien - UFO nightmare again...0 views today
17 August 2021 7 Jair Bolsonaro killed in crash ? 552125387600 red signs are everywhere...0 views today
16 August 2021 7 Jeff Bezos was among those killed in this tragic accident - his dream is real - numbers - secret design fails - not the heat shield? it was hacked ...0 views today
16 August 2021 5 Explosion in 9 days...0 views today
16 August 2021 6 Starting in a few days and lasting 21 days, an earthquake swarm will happen at this location ending with a magnitude 8.2 quake that will cause a tsunami that almost destroys the west coast of Africa, the east coast of South America, and0 views today
16 August 2021 1 The remains of Stacy Peterson found near the midwest recycling company -- old location - pipes are everywhere - here - on the? 12090...0 views today
16 August 2021 3 This will make everything interesting again, print the image and keep it under your pillow for 2 days - the less I say on this the better it works...just try it... it's free...5 views today
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