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65 views today1 DA (cross) 5 - 5 33 17 13 29 29 days, lottery
46 views today15 degrees 42.9 north 46 degrees 3927.6 impact Florida sept 22 3:07 am

7 views todayLet the recording play throughout the night, and in the morning you should feel wonderful...keep using until the desired effect is reached.

This cell re-programming audio recording is suppose to cure EVERYTHING...enjoy. Skeptical? I don't blame you, but please try and keep an open mind when trying this. you can download program at archive.org just go to

5 views today11 degrees 46 21 south 53 degrees 36 00 west
5 views todaySam Simon tells the world of his miracle CA 117
27 views todayIsmil Haniyeh beheaded by CIA OPS not mossad sheik radwan july dog
4 views today297134 (316) 9464700
3 views todayWarren age 39 Friday July 4 2014 model # 17221663
3 views today21 days Robert McDonal killed when trucj slams into his car at 7:07 am
3 views todayh11172 light in the sky 3rd of July not fireworks
3 views todayGavin Smith call family but does not say a word (661) 664-1991, accepted, 4A
3 views today4129917 ??? 4???114 here safe, 39111 days welcome aboard sea sky tower 11
3 views today16281-41 394 4 day(s) flames stop them, water
3 views todayThis is a devise that inserts into any conventional PVC water pipe, as the water pressure changes it expands and contracts keeping consistent water pressure for the consumer, best of all it allows the user instant access to hot water no matter how far from the hot water heater they are...doing so also saves water. The devise is cheap to produce, and can be easily be applied to existing home or business plumbing. Full details are posted in my invention section at http://goo.gl/DpzDpG
2 views todaySidney Poitier dies
2 views today62 hours bakersfield small quake marks new data chain
2 views todayin folder 649 ridgelang 4145 Richard J. Asen connected to child porn ring, 8:27 AM June 27 --- he had cancer, 117 4 Phil Bryant involved, hard drive recovered 6,000 ??? underage photos, MM suicide was a warning im sorry
2 views todaythe dow event center
2 views today23 people are going to die over inaccurate knowledge DOS attack did not come from china, they paid lutzser - 27 days 71 51 41,
2 views todayfire ??? inside 4 5 7 14711 H w???? here bufflo
3 views todayThis is a cure for Parkinson Disease, as always check with a doctor to make sure this is safe for you to try.
2 views today9-12-15 Doctor Joseph Mercula murdered over new cancer cure using deep ocean 'poisonous' animals - he did not 'leak' his research, it was stolen during a FDA undercover investigation in early 2014
3 views todayJessica McClure 'secret adminer' leaves 3 million to her family - he was a fireman, dies 22/6/2014 NYC
2 views todayfire at Jersey ave in elizaarty, was not aircon 96613 cathloic church 27n hours 537 (908) 21 apples 1276 07202 117
2 views todayTim Burton and Michael were both on plane that went down in the Irish Sea (good memory of this one, and everyone survived)
3 views todaylottery numbers
3 views today
2 views todayD.J. kills 16 injures 26 in church parking lot old, 423 336-969 9/30
2 views today37323 benton pike -- road no meds FN
2 views today11/6/89 to 11/14/14 AAA? funeral was not until Dec 16!! Hernandez overdose of PDY - meds, flag
2 views todayFortune (print out the full size of this dd and keep close to you during sleep...do this for 10 days...and you should have something wonderful happen)
2 views today2 days 6213 kills 16 people in church 9-30 14 D Jason found June 23 2014 Gulill? 3732
26 views todayThese are a list of Penny Stocks, usually I suggest selling when they have reached 10 times value you purchased them at.
3 views todayThese are the winning lottery numbers for the following lotteries: PowerBall (USA) MegaMillions (USA) Canadian Lotteries, EuroMillions and Australia Lotteries..they are good until the end of next month (August 2014)
2 views todayWilco Jackson cancer reversed by new cell 'reprogramming' method 0 too late???
2 views today7 degrees 32 North 103 degrees 37 east flight 370 (nothing new here)
2 views todayraelism members commit mass suicide amitiptylin
2 views todayMary its not too late to help
2 views todaybenadryl Gery McCann now Dale Hamilton USA??? no
2 views todayDecember 17 1936 December 25 - Black Thursday - fish ring
4 views today2 crash? car flips, 2 near poo?? shopping center , garda, L.S. N40 394 (in 9 days a car crash will happen here)

proof calavr and Hayward trigger the mag. 9.2 in September 37 degrees 3 north, 121 degrees 5 west 4th week June, 14(an earthquake will happen at this location next week, June 22nd to 28, it will not be that large, but it will prove that these faults are connected and were the cause of the magnitude 9.2 San Francisco this September.

crash was pilot error week 4 June 69112
3 views today2's 5 1 22 3 25 56 6 in 6 days
28 views todaycan't let him go 21 days 2 27 9 32 28 4
29 views todaySaturday June 21st, please...please tell him to do this, death will follow. On Saturday after starting our car, TURN IT OFF and COUNT to 32m then restart.

This was and AWFUL dream and I do not want this to come true...please...please tell everyone you can about this, I have NO IDEA who this one is for, but I know what I saw last night needs to be stopped now. I'm asking you to tell everyone you know about DD (dream drawing)...thank you, Brian.
30 views todayTunnel Vision is glimpsing the world of true enlightenment - your natural state - you once were present but society told you the future was real -- don't grow up, grow down
29 views todayWeather bug camera captures missing child, school
32 views todaystill need to translate this
29 views todaybrazod 0399114432 stop brain 13 July 2014 Estadio Do Maracana attack Al-Qaeda
30 views todayAustralia, check here before it burns
46 views todayMcDonald's announces closure of hundreds of restaurant until source of food poison is located - 47211
49 views todayCIA denies flight 370 was target of NROL experiment, lies, 8/13 NROL 15 radar jamming satellite tested again over Austria and Czech Rep., this time many more planes go missing, launch in Florida, Brevard County 4721 - CLASSIFIED
678 views todaynew tectonic plate splits gulf of Mexico in two, 6.4 Friday the 13th quake, opposite side of earth pulled ? to rupture Gulf of Mexico plate, September 2014 Florida 23 46 north 92 26 west 10 05 south 159 05 east (this is the Florida Mega Tsunami dream # 5683 from June 6th http://goo.gl/q7ixth )
703 views todaydon't let him do this, don't go
710 views todaywater ride accident, here
694 views todayWalt Disney shooting 1/2 mile from center, stroller 42
717 views todayday lottery 162 night lottery 2 3 4
714 views today76311 1753 651 Harrison Ford dies from pneumonia from infection caused while in 'underwater stage' doctors say accident in June ??? Christmas day death
729 views todayDavid Bowie dies October 19th 27 feet, fall rob 2/8/19 10 - 19 - 1?
750 views todayits not too late
773 views todayFriday the 13th ground shakes is related to Mega Tsunami in September Florida
786 views todayWhen you truly realize that you are not your brain, the laughter will be uncontrollable.
742 views todaytwice 6-8 9-17 12 people wonderful peace call 702 437 1748 look in the box its there 3 days 63271
734 views todayH.C. September 11 2014 7:06 am 888 253-3139 works at shipping office Alex shot over a ?lash drug :: stop wa?? brain 667 - 3186 503 29117 - 16 3 date 14 people face book check the wall 14 16
77 views todaya house in the woods
48 views todayfire burns 740 park avenu 37 days 655 they are trapped 65 people
31 views today4515 gardendale San Antonio 7 1
28 views today6-8-14 12 fire 72 29 27 3 9 49 2-4
29 views today6971132 sand ceader point
29 views todaykakadu - wonderful, not what they think, Park Australia
7 views todaydo not eat mad cow dollar tree steaks, 3.5, Texas plant??
23 views todayexpect earthquakes in both Southern and Northern California (see grids) during the next 5 days, these small quakes will not be related the mag 8 and mag 9 in September.
9 views todaydetails of the South West Airlines first crash that killed passages and scandal
53 views todaydetails of Steven Hawkins funeral and museum to be built by The United States in his honor.
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