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21 April 2022 3 May 1st plane crash, numbers...0 views today05/12/22 am31 11:25GhostFl0wer: I don't know if it's been moved to dream...
19 April 2022 1 I see you...0 views today04/27/22 am30 09:41KarenB52: That's what I say to my dog, when I try to ge...
1 April 2022 3 Massive warehouse fire, numbers, and locations.1 views today04/09/22 am30 04:19aliceinlovee: Seen this posted a little bit ago and just seen a ...
Amber Benson O Connell missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 20210 views today04/07/22 pm30 22:00Nichole2293: I am not missing what is this about
Terri Jentz And Shayna Weiss Case Solved And Arrest Made This Is What He Looked Like Back Then He Is Still Alive Today A...0 views today04/03/22 am30 07:59Topazgirl63: I thought there was more
21 march 2022 1 Get ready (you) your life will change on Friday, March 25th0 views today04/02/22 pm30 18:08GMKerry: Brian, is the (you) in this DD message that you em...
Alicia Amanda Stokes pending missing person case number 013 by Psychic Brian Ladd tags missing woman man child adult baby located found safe amber alert0 views today03/24/22 pm31 16:32triciasi: I'm a friend of this missing person's mo...
9955 6 February 2018 4 - Psychic James Van Praagh, Circles, 100% Proof Spirits Are Real (not The Drink) Envelope, More T...2 views today03/24/22 am31 10:06mastertrancechannel: Super site! I am Loving it!! Will return once more...
16 June 2021 5 Maura Murray Remains Located Upper Mad River Road This Is Another Case I M Driving To As I'M Almost ...0 views today03/22/22 pm31 14:29[email protected]: ANY more visions/ intricate details--Upper Mad--R...
5 march 2022 5 Euro Jackpot, not sure of the order here, too hard to read...0 views today03/20/22 pm31 15:32hermesatar: EuroJackPot Friday March 11, 2022 5, 31, 39, 46, (...
11850 9 May 2019 2 - This Dreams Needs To Be Translated, If Anyone Wants To Do It Please Put In The Comment Section Of T...0 views today03/09/22 am31 04:04GMKerry: I think it says" Brad 0=
11849 9 May 2019 1 - This Dreams Needs To Be Translated, If Anyone Wants To Do It Please Put In The Comment Section Of T...0 views today03/09/22 am31 03:55GMKerry: The cat has nothing to do with it. The cute littl...
Burnley Joseph Tattoo2 case-update-september-20210 views today03/08/22 pm31 21:00: Why is the same pictures used in other files expla...
Breaking News - Located 01741 Burnley Joseph Tattoo2 Missing Found 2019 Police Report Aged Progressed Photo Missing Found 2019 Police Report Aged Progressed Photo Psychic Brian Ladd 20190 views today03/08/22 pm31 20:47: What is this? Explain this in detail
22 feb 2022 1 In your blood...0 views today02/28/22 am28 11:34tkisner: Could you send more information on this message pl...
Summer Wells Found This Is Him No Accident Numbers - Summer Wells found - this is him - no accident - numbers https://b...0 views today02/23/22 am28 00:52DramaOnStage: You are remarkable my friend
13 feb 2022 2 Jeremy Piven was arrested, did not murder her, helicopter crash, numbers...0 views today02/23/22 am28 00:48DramaOnStage: I just can't get over your gift Brian.
18 feb 2022 1 Major earthquake surprises the world, the same dream about the upcoming major earthquake so strong that it will change the rotation speed of the earth...this is after the surprise solar storm... 0 views today02/23/22 am28 00:42DramaOnStage: Crazy. I've been hearing this
Missing Teen Selena Cawley Found This Is The Man Who Took Her They There Are At An Apartment Complex In Charlotte Nc - M...0 views today02/13/22 am28 00:39Jennpayne3: Hi, I do not want to disclose personal information...
25 jan 2022 2 (these 3 dd's are the same nightmare, this is going to happen soon!) eyes, they keep chasing me - they came back, I keep changing my clothes to fool them. the ships look like this (a 4-hour long nightmare about me trying to hide from0 views today02/02/22 pm28 23:54TGuzman87: Can you email me more about this dream thank you
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