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19 jan 2022 4 Euro jackpot...88 views today01/24/22 at 01:02hermesatar: EuroJackPot January 21 = 2, 5, 9, 29, (32) Stars 2...
8 jan 2022 8 Earthquake in 7 more days...18 views today01/15/22 at 12:50Eulonda: Again proven , dream of help is water ground risin...
10 jan 2022 5 Lina Sardar Khil found - poles in the ground - Blanco Road abandoned building - look again for it, she dropped it, wanted a girl. Villas del Cabo - Adoption Alliance - poles - not too late...43 views today01/15/22 at 12:17Eulonda: I'm from San Antonio, Thank you Brian for the...
26 Dec 2021 1 ? Highschool shooter was on TicTok, January 2022...11 views today01/05/22 at 16:32lexisrj9112$: What are those numbers in this dream
10 Nov 2021 9 Brendan Santo missing teen found red cedar water. He met her she did this?13 views today01/02/22 at 07:15: We need more on brendan santo. Can you help furthe...
10 Dec 2021 6 football hero dies - numbers...3 views today12/31/21 at 16:24Britney: Wow...Madden just passed..may he rest in peace!
24 Dec 2021 1 Merry Christmas...12 views today12/31/21 at 02:44hermesatar: EuroMillions december 28, 2021 4,6,(15),17,29 Star...
Michael Joseph Vaughan was taken here - she did this - new police tip is correct - boxes boxes - arrest made - gloves look at the gloves - day? numbers - no minecrat tshirt is in the drawer - used to work in Caldwell...8 views today12/30/21 at 11:55lanawestbrook: I have created a membership and am logged in, I ca...
4 Oct 2021 1 December 24th winning USA MegaMillions lottery numbers from Jesus? numbers are 8 29 13 18 28 and the bonus is 18 - If you win, suggest some of your winnings go to a church of your choosing even if you don't believe in Jesus, like me.10 views today12/22/21 at 21:25Mariajohnson: I concur! Please at least consider.
10 Dec 2021 5 27, 28, 29, 30, 40 24 2 3 9? Australia Lottery...3 views today12/13/21 at 22:03Dale: This dream was posted after the lotto draw
Jacob Michael Oliver, flags, boat, I can feel the boat move. (this will be an open case soon, see the ms section for more)7 views today12/02/21 at 20:58Shadow_Witch1988: How do you get to the members section? I see no me...
28 Oct 2021 2 Heidi Planck - not what they think - look under her bedframe - The Unicorn Museum....5 views today11/27/21 at 16:29Lorie11: Are you able to transcribe anything else related t...
8 Nov 2021 2 He is going to take her, eyes...2 views today11/24/21 at 17:52Lorie11: Could you please message me the phone number from ...
Kaya Centeno Missing Child Is Alive And Currently Living Here In Mexico - Kaya Centeno Missing Child Is Alive And Curren...4 views today11/17/21 at 00:39Cucumbermelonbodyspray: I would like to see the uncensored version please....
11 Nov 2021 3 lottery play now...3 views today11/16/21 at 00:10Leo_eyes: Aww man so close for the powerballl ❤️???
4 Nov 2021 1 Kayne West and Justin Beaver were together during the accident...12 views today11/07/21 at 19:31Nsands1978: How do you view more information?
2 Nov 2021 4 m51-uls-1b...4 views today11/07/21 at 18:54Nsands1978: P
3 Nov 2021 3 Numbers...3 views today11/07/21 at 12:13gd: 10 , 20 ,66 MM 18 11/05/2021
1 Nov 2021 7 She killed her child...2 views today11/07/21 at 12:07gd: 8 48 57 64 /9 PB 11/8/2021
Cleo Smith found, arrest made, by airport, numbers, look again, this is him, dug the hole - does not match - its impossible for Cleo to found until they look again?5 views today11/03/21 at 02:30Ben1965: Can I see any additional info, unblock censorship ...
Missing girl Cleo Smith located I m not going to translate this as I hope I'm wrong and she is not found here - I will include my map dousing result, this area needs to be searched again,5 views today11/03/21 at 01:23Ben1965: Cleo has been found as you probably know but is th...
31 Oct 2021 8 OZ - same pattern again...6 views today11/02/21 at 17:30Dale: This was posted after the OZ lotto draw.
Taylor Pomaski Located Meth Centerpoint Gas Tango Blast Spring Creek West Of Exxonmobil Wellness Center Numbers - Taylor...5 views today10/27/21 at 03:35Meaghankate86: Taylor is one of my best friends and I want to go ...
25 Oct 2021 4 Australia...3 views today10/26/21 at 19:01Dale: This was posted after the lotto draw took place
20 Oct 2021 2 Missing boy Elijah Lewis located off chestnut street, she told him she would do it, she did it not him, numbers, powerlines, look again, bricks...3 views today10/23/21 at 08:54Melly: Holy crap! If you had this dream on the 20th, look...
30 July 2021 2 Eggs? New Covid E? Kills One In Three Infected People By November 16Th? - Eggs? new covid E?...6 views today10/18/21 at 22:22Leo_eyes: Stew peters TV with Dr Jane Ruby talk about covid ...
10 Oct 2021 3 October 15th 17684 I can see Brians face ...3 views today10/13/21 at 16:19JEisenhart: May I see the redaction please?
Jelani Day missing man located - sightings are wrong - numbers - Lake Vermilion - circles are everywhere...7 views today10/10/21 at 17:51Leo_eyes: His jaw was sawed off and organs missing
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