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Most viewed dreams - November
18 Nov 2021 4 Troy Griffin - dream is real - Psychic Griffin finds Don Lewis - numbers flowers - Clinton Baptiste 7274675000 - Carole Baskin killed in prison riot? no it was murder - body found at Rocky Creek concert blocks, pipes, look again...17 views today
10 Nov 2021 9 Brendan Santo missing teen found red cedar water. He met her she did this?13 views today
25 Nov 2021 3 She killed the baby...13 views today
4 Nov 2021 1 Kayne West and Justin Beaver were together during the accident...12 views today
20 Nov 2021 5 Even if you have doubts that lottery numbers can be predicted, pay attention to this set of numbers during the next couple weeks AFTER you read this DD, does not matter the date I posted it, just pay attention with an open mind...9 views today
10 Nov 2021 1 Missing baby Blaise Barnett found - was at Stone Mountain Highschool - numbers - he worked at an auto Lithonia - not what they think - in the room - you will find B at Marquis Parc ,,,7 views today
20 Nov 2021 1 Numbers Christmas parade fair December this is him the terrorist boxes with tape on the 2021 December more numbers...7 views today
22 Nov 2021 3 666 powerball this week...7 views today
6 Nov 2021 6 10 days - this is him...6 views today
9 Nov 2021 1 This dream drawing dates back to 2005, to save time I'll just tell you what to do with it. Download the image or take a screenshot. Pint the DD in black-and-white ONLY. Fold it up and keep it in your pocket whenever you need a little6 views today
30 Nov 2021 4 Comet Leonard, breaks apart? this is contact - they can move whole planets - this is some type of probe...6 views today
22 Nov 2021 3 777 mega millions December 2021...5 views today
22 Nov 2021 3 shooter - numbers...5 views today
25 Nov 2021 1 Can smell the burning, check, the wires are hot, the home will burn (please check now)5 views today
23 Nov 2021 3 777 and only 777, numbers, USA Powerball December 2021...5 views today
1 Nov 2021 10 221 meters from tent, Missing Cleo Smith found, she is arrested, her skin is found on the body - look again...4 views today
2 Nov 2021 4 m51-uls-1b...4 views today
2 Nov 2021 2 Discovery, at & t terrorist attack...4 views today
2 Nov 2021 1 Porirua lights in the sky will return - numbers- lands on mana island - 38 days UFO...4 views today
4 Nov 2021 4 nikolas cruz killed in cell 317 - not suicide...4 views today
5 Nov 2021 3 He is going to shoot them...4 views today
16 Nov 2021 6 Xiangtan Jianshe Farm...4 views today
25 Nov 2021 4 Euromillions winning numbers for December 2021...4 views today
23 Nov 2021 2 Again, look for 666 this month iin the USA Powerball Lottery, and just 666 follow the rest of the pattern and you will win! if you do not win this month, Ill post numbers for December too...4 views today
2 Nov 2021 10 Jashyah Moore missing teen is in trouble, Sheedside Pirus (not sure who that is)place next to this three story brick building with bars on the bottom floor, mattress on the floor, numbers, the place she is staying at has this satellite dish3 views today
3 Nov 2021 3 Numbers...3 views today
3 Nov 2021 6 Shooting in 9 days, numbers...3 views today
5 Nov 2021 4 Numbers, Japan mini lotto (I don't know when, but the number seven is important, I think)3 views today
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